Northern Rose, Protestant Queen

Born in a burrow in Belfast, Bunny knew she was different from all the other rabbits. Her unique vintage 50's style, love of all things dark and sparkly, and near dangerously obsessive worship of the divine Bette Midler (She has her tatooed on her shoulder) made her a one-off. Over the years she's taken all of these eclectic eccentricities and somehow managed to hone them into an act, throwing in burlesque, comedy, appaling dancing and a killer lip-sync along the way.

Now this fiery red-head is sinching in her corset extra tight, teasing her hair to reach biblical volumes and drawing on her fiercest 'say something' eyebrow to bring all you wannabe lovebirds more glitz, glamour and gaudiness than should be allowed in any decent God-fearing establishment.

Bunny performs, DJs, and hosts The Outing Blind Date on Friday Night, hosts The Tea Dance on Saturday Evening, and performs as part of The Panti Show on Saturday Night