Jonny Woo

Jonny Woo

Queen of London's Alternative Drag Scene

Branded "Shoreditch's Ringmaster" by the New York Times, Jonny Woo has established himself as the quintessential name on London's drag scene.

Woo is host of London's summer festival, LOVEBOX; artist in residence at Bistrotheque; and a star of the UK new cabaret scene. Disciplined in theatre and dance and inspired by New York performers, he has been instrumental in bringing alternative drag and cabaret to mainstream audiences. He regularly hosts the riotous Gay Bingo at the ICA and has just performed his own night ‘Jonny Woo’s Ballo in Mascara’ at The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

A tranny superstar - When it comes to alt-drag, performance art and modern cabaret, Jonny Woo owns them all.
***** Time Out

Jonny Woo's live show of alt-drag performance nuttery is on Saturday Night