Niamh Kavanagh

Niamh Kavanagh

Eurovision Winner

Niamh Kavanagh has been singing for most of her life, beginning with choirs and small local bands, training her voice, while at the same time indulging her love for music. But she really came into her own in 1990 when Alan Parker, director of The Commitments, paid tribute to the North Dubliner’s vocal talent by including her on the film’s hugely successful soundtrack album.

In 1993, before an international audience of over 350 million people, Niamh sang the winning entry for Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest. The song, In Your Eyes, went on to achieve double platinum status. Niamh’s Eurovision song for 2010, ‘It’s For You’, was an emotional ballad that really showcased Niamh’s ability to tell a story through a song. The 20,000-strong crowd gave her a standing ovation for her live performance at the Telenor arena in Norway.

After her acclaimed performance as the Evil Queen in the past two years pantomime at the Tivoli along with Alan Hughes and Brian Dowling, Niamh is returning to the stage and ready to give The Outing audience a taste of what makes her the powerful performer that swept us to Eurovision victory.

Niamh performs a live show, including Eurovision favourites, on Friday Night