High Queen of Irish Drag, MC of The Outing

Ireland's greatest drag queen leaves the city behind and embraces her glamorous culchie roots with us:

“I do love interfering in other people’s love lives so I can’t wait to get to Lisdoonvarna and start meddling. It’s going to be great craic and I expect to be buying quite a few ostentatious wedding hats afterwards!”

Since 1996, Panti has been the hostess of the annual Alternative Miss Ireland pageant, and is widely hailed as the High Queen of Drag in Ireland. She performs, hosts and DJs, and has regularly been MC at the annual Dublin Pride celebrations.

As pub landlady at Pantibar, she's built a beloved gay-owned venue on the Dublin scene. Her Saturday night Panti Show is a staple attraction and comes with her on tour to The Outing

Panti hosts events All Weekend and performs at The Panti Show on Saturday Night