Sheila Fits-patrick and Madonna Lucia

Shiela Fits-Patrick

and Madonna Lucia

Sheila Fits-Patrick and Madonna Lucia are Limericks’ first Ladies of Drag. As self-confessed ‘Gulchies’ (Glamorous Culchies) these Queens are no strangers to a bit of Craic at a céilí. This stage partnership also carries over into real life where both are in what is effectively a marriage which happens in man-drag.

Both have strong memories of childhood spent embroiled in country life replete with footing turf and flasks of tea while turning hay to the merry whistle of tunes of Eire and the few decades of the Rosary at Six. Sheila is the Irish traditional set dancing and storytelling Queen having won two all Ireland medals in Scór which is the artistic wing of the G.A.A. if you were no good at the hurling. Sheila is also a former Alternative Miss Ireland, Cork and most importantly Limerick, and is obsessed with Eurovision. Madonna has always been at her side applying make-up and lip gloss and saying the wrong thing at the right time. She has one city final Scór medal, a bronze medal from the community Games and won a fiver at the Cappamore Show in 1981 for a picture she drew of Batman when she was five. She has great legs.

Sheila and Madonna will be regaling the breakfast crowd on on Saturday & Sunday Morning, as well as hosting a Drag Workshop on Saturday Evening, and performing some numbers on Saturday Night