Event Schedules: Be in the right place at the right time!

30 AUG



Coach Transfer from Dublin

The Dragon, on Georges Street in Dublin City Centre, opens its doors to those taking the coach transfer to Lisdoonvarna for a quick pre-trip drink! Coach departs at 14:00 sharp.
If you'd like to book a coach transfer (for just €29 return), you can do so on our tickets page.
Coach Transfer


Welcome CéilÍ

Panti, Queen of hearts and Mistress of Cermonies, greets guests in The Hydro Hotel Ballroom and starts the weekend wih a high-kickin' céilí dance. Don't worry if you don't know your jigs from your reels; we'll be teaching you the basics!
Ceili Time!

Blind Date with Bunny

They do say that the best way to find love is by having a glamorous Northern Irish Drag Queen hide some potential partners behind a curtain and find ways for you to win prizes! There's definitely an old proverb about that!


Eurovision DJ

Time for some anthems to get things in the mood for Niamh!



Our favourite Eurovision winner takes to the stage for a live set. Expect some belting singing along when Niamh gets to "In your eyes" in the set-list!
Niamh Kavanagh


Club Tease

With classic disco spinning in the ballroom after Niamh Kavanagh, Club Tease lights up the Hydro's nightclub venue with the best chart music and thumping classics. DJ Mo is joined by a host of dancers and performers for a sweaty sexy party late in to Friday night!
Club Tease

31 AUG



Local Activities

Get out there and enjoy the most beautiful landscapes in Ireland. Our coach will take you to amazing local attractions like the Cliffs of Moher, or caving, hiking, surfing and much more. We'll have bus transfers to a whole schedule of the activities you want to enjoy in majestic County Clare.
Download a handy PDF of the activity details here or browse our Local Activities page
Local Activities


Bunny's Tea Dance

A traditional tea dance, with an Outing twist. Delicious teas stirring, tunes spinning and feet tapping. Bunny on the decks and keeping a keen eye on the new couples forming!
Bunny's Tea Dance

Sheila's Drag Workshop

Sheila Fitzpatrick gives you some tips on how to apply a 'say-something' eyebrow! Try on a few wigs and get yourself kitted out for the Guinness World Record attempt!
Sheila's Drag Workshop



Step in line, in style! Join in our attempt to break a world record for the "Longest line of Dancing Drag Queens & Kings" and give us a box step in your best outfit!
Bunny's Tea Dance

The Burren Vogue Ball

Well, now that you're in your best drag, it does seem a shame to waste the opportunity! Bunny's going to put you through your paces and get you some prizes for that fierce strut! Category is PEIG SAYERS REALNESS: shake that shawl and WORK that floor... LISDOONVARNA IS BURNING!



Brush the blight off those potatoes and PARTY LIKE IT'S 1845! It's POORHOUSE - an array of live performances fusing trad Ireland and pop culture, taking you from Madonna to Mary Black and back again. Just what Lady Gregory would have wanted!

Country Craft MAKE & DO DO

Pantibar's beloved arts and crafts night takes a tour west! Grab some plasticine and sequins and make something! Judged by Panti for some fabulous prizes; the perfect way to let your creative juices flow as freely as the booze will!


The Panti Show, with JONNY WOO

Panti and Bunny take their famous Saturday night show to the Hydro Ballroom and are joined by the inimitable and bonkers Jonny Woo, fresh off the plane from London and into a shockingly revealing ensemble.
All this and games, prizes and the crowning of The Outing's King & Queen of The Burren... It's party time!
The Panti Show, with Jonny Woo


The Dragon on Tour

While the sumptuous Regina George spins the 80s and 90s hits in the Ballroom, The Dragon takes over the Hydro Hotel nightclub. DJ Conor Behan, and hosts Paul Ryder and Jonathan Best lead you on a dazzling circus of performance and music into the late night!




Sheila's Drag Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Sheila Fitzpatrick is up with the dawn and into a wig that will scare the hangover out of you and get you feeling your fabulous self again!


Chill out thru' lunch

Mellow tunes from Conor Behan and somes party games in the Hydro Ballroom to ease you into a lazy Sunday as you get ready to bid farewell to Lisdoonvarna. The town will never be the same again!
Chill with Conor


Coach Transfer to Dublin

For those availaing of the transfer, the coach departs at 15:00 sharp.
If you'd like to book a coach transfer (for just €29 return), you can do so on our tickets page.
Coach Transfer